Britt Liberg (1997) is a dutch performance artist and fashion designer whose work celebrates the moving female body. Trained as a professional ballet dancer, she uses her own body as a tool to design. She finds shapes in movement of textiles and seeks for contrasts between the material and her body.

Britt studied at the National Balletacademie for 10 years and followed by Fashion Design at ArtEZ University of the arts. After graduating in 2019, she co-founded Elliot collective. Within Elliot she collaborated with artist Jochem rotteveel, designed costumes for The National Ballet, developed and performed perfomances for fashionclash and created two collections. As a performance artist she showed her work at the St. Annen Kunsthalle in Lubeck and at the Joseph Beuys museum Schloss Moyland.

Britt gets inspired by choreographers as Pina Bausch and Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, both searching for total freedom and expression within repetition of movements and structured choreographies. “I like to set rules for myself during the design process, It gives me more freedom to experiment within that structure.”

Combining her love for movement and fashion, she wants to embrace the female body as it is, in all its diversity, both naked and dressed. “A fortune teller once told my mom I was going to be the new Mata Hari. And strangely I feel her presence in my work a lot these days.”

graduated at ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem,
The Netherlands, 2019
National Ballet Academy Amsterdam, 2007-2015

internship Freya Dalsjø
internship Haider Ackermann

st. Annen museum Lübeck _ Female view
Museum Schloss Moyland _ Female view
Fashion clash festival

Double magazine / Liv Liberg
Anna-belle magazine / Yannick Schuette and Simone Winkelmuller
Rave zine / Liv Liberg
POP magazine / Liv Liberg
Middleplane / Suffo Moncloa
Novembre Magazine / Liv Liberg

Acne Studios
Sister Sister / Liv Liberg