Britt Liberg (1997) is a Dutch performance artist and designer whose work celebrates the moving female body. Trained as a professional ballet dancer, she uses my body as a tool to create and express. Britt finds shapes in movement of textiles and seeks fluidity between being dressed and undressed, between sexual nudity and objective nudity.
The concept of ‘being a muse’ is a big part of her work. Working from experience of being a lifelong muse for her sister and photographer Liv Liberg and other visual artists, Britt feels the urge to explore the possibilities of detaching the muse from its artist. The muse is the artwork itself, the pure shape of the body, seen directly through the eyes of the audience and not through the eyes of other artists.

Combining her love for movement, art and fashion, she want to embrace the female body as it is, in all its diversity, both naked and dressed. Britts work is an aesthetic performance of everyday movements and a research on the comfort and discomfort of the body.

 “A fortune teller once told my mom I was going to be the new Mata Hari. And strangely I feel her presence in my work a lot these days.”