My name is Britt Liberg. I am a multidisciplinary performance artist whose work celebrates the ever changing body.  I want to free the body from all presumptions, by showing these as exaggeration in my work.
By building different identities with costumes, make-up, but mainly with characteristic movement and expression, I experiment with the fluidity of being human.
I’m trying to find the sex symbol, the prince, the model, the athlete, the alien within me.
Working from the most unnatural experience of being a model, lifelong muse and professional ballet dancer, I feel the urge to redefine beauty and perfection, or actually un-define.
I explore ways of detaching the muse from the artist and strive to win back the depiction of the female body into the hands of the muse itself. 
In my work I challenge eroticism, the male gaze and gender within my body. My work is a reflection on what is happening around me, my body is a mirror to society.

A fortune teller once told my mom I was going to be the new Mata Hari. And strangely I feel her presence is my work a lot these days.